October 5 - 22, 2011 (preview October 4)

By David Mamet
Directed by Teri Loretto-Valentik
Set, Costumes and Sound Design by Ivo Valentik
Lighting Design by David Magladry
Featuring: Kyla Gray, John Muggleton and Chris Ralph
Assistant Director: Nicolas Alain
Stage Manager: Christine Hecker

Speed-the-Plow by Pulitzer Prize winning author David Mamet is the second show in this exciting season. Filled with Mamet’s trademark, rapid-fire dialogue, Speed-the-Plow focuses on the ruthless nature of Hollywood and the movie industry. Karen, a temp office worker finds herself in a unique situation when she ends up behind the desk for Gould, a recently promoted film company executive with doubts about the nature of what it is he really does. His co-worker and friend Fox has a lead on a big film with a big star and needs Gould to make it happen for him. What happens when the three personalities meet in this competitive milieu leads to an eruption of laughter, anger and emotion. The debut of the show in 1988, starring then emerging pop-idol Madonna, saw a nomination for a Tony Award for Best Play and Plow was recently revived in London with Kevin Spacey in the role of Charlie Fox and Jeff Goldblum in the role of Bobby Gould. This fast paced, darkly funny show was described by Jack Kroll of Newsweek as "another tone poem by [the] foremost master of the language of moral epilepsy". Come prepared to enjoy an evening of taut drama that questions the nature of the business of entertainment and ultimately forces us to ask "what would I do?"

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Feedback from Critics and Audiences

"It's awesome to watch"

"very funny"

"in a word, it was great"

"Anyone who wants to see three great, well-directed local actors bring a genius script to life on an unbelievable set should see this production."

"Director Teri Loretto-Valentik has captured the high powered rhythm of Mamet's intense exchanges"

"[The set is] a thing of bizarre beauty — a marvel of rampaging black and white lines"

"Ivo Valentik's set design is one of the most beautiful and transformative structures I have seen on a small independent stage in this city for a long time"

"Ralph positivley rocks the joint"

"John Muggleton's performance as Bob Gould was absolutely impeccable"

"Muggleton and Ralph wear their roles as comfortably as old shoes"

"As Karen, Kyla Gray has a very good debut"

"[Kyla Gray's] work is infinitely preferable to Madonna's"


Photos by David Whiteley

(Hi-res versions available for download.)

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